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It's thyme.

As a health counselor, I guide clients through a series of exercises that help them reach their mental and physical health goals to live healthier, happier lives.  The process is gentle, supportive, and gradual, to encourage life-long shifts to benefit the client and their loved ones for years to come.  Health counseling is complementary to many other therapies, including psychotherapy, physical therapy, western and eastern medicine, reevaluation counseling, acupuncture, massage, yoga, exercise, play, animal therapy, nature therapy, or any other therapeutic acts.  Others in my profession call themselves health coaches, holistic health consultants, holistic health and lifestyle coaches, etc.  But they all focus on two central concepts: 1. Total health is a combination of what goes on in and around your body.  Meaning your relationships, mental health and career/life goals are just as important as diet and exercise.  2. Everyone is different.  It seems obvious, but many nutritionists teach the same nutrition standards for everyone, while a holistic health counselor advises their clients to find the optimal diet for their own unique needs.

If this sounds interesting to you, pop on over to my website to learn a little more about what health coaching can do for you.  If you like what you see, contact me for a free health consultation either in person (if you’re in my area) or via phone or Skype.

Contact me using the form below, or on my website under the ‘contact’ tab.  Everything you share is, as with any health professional, strictly confidential.


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