ImageOn top of this mountain, when a quick storm rolled in, I panicked.  I was alone, without food or shelter, and running low on water.  I had gone hiking on a whim and had not told anyone where I was going.  I took a deep breath and decided to head down the mountain at a slightly quicker than leisurely pace.  But a short time ago in human history, I would not have panicked.  I would have been used to enduring the elements and weathering the storm.  The anxiety that kicked in was my body’s natural response to a scary situation: the fight-or-flight response.  But a wild human would not have that reaction to a mere thundershower.  That response would be reserved for real, life-threatening danger.  For many of us, our fight-or-flight response needs to be re-calibrated. Read my post about weathering the emotional storm here. And be well.

This hike is a short and rewarding one in Dummerston, VT.  For more on hiking Vermont check out


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