Each program is tailor-made to best assist you to achieve your goals.

Your customized program will include:

-2 sessions per month lasting approximately 50 minutes each

-e-mail support between sessions

-handouts and other materials including awesome recipes

-optional health food store tours and cooking lessons

-resources to point you toward health

-promoting activities and products

-food samples and self care products

-access to my online healthy recipe resources

-access to a lending library of health related books

-workshops and classes on a variety of health related topics (when available)

-stress relief and meditation exercises customized for use in your daily life

-regular check-ins on progress toward your goals

All programs are available in person in Brattleboro, Vermont, or long-distance via phone or Skype. Email me for more information.

Program Menu

30 Day “Get Unstuck” Package – $100-$150/month

This jump-start program is ideal for those who feel desperate for help, but are unsure about committing to a longer program at the moment.

90 Days to Restore Your Balance – $100-$150/month

In three months you will feel more relaxed, have more energy, and have a more balanced diet.  A great option for those looking to jump-start their long term journey to wellness.

6 Month Zen Mind, Vibrant Body – $100-$140/month

My “platinum” package is aimed at making gradual changes in your overall wellness to develop healthier habits for life. It’s SO good, clients may repeat the program for added benefits, or tack on an extra 3 months!



An individual coaching program with group support! This program is capped at 10 participants! This is a one-time-only steal! Student and artist-friendly prices make this a great option for anyone to try health coaching.

Start date = the first week of April 2013

Watch the informational video to learn more here



*3 Month Zen Mind, Vibrant Body Women’s Group – $ TBA* 

This group is for women who would like to learn about how to live happier, healthier lives

*6 week Bountiful Summer Program – $ TBA*

(Fall, Winter, and Spring programs to come)

Coming this summer to the Brattleboro, Vermont area! . We will learn about how to eat seasonally and locally, and tour some local farms and health food stores to see what our fabulous community has to offer!

All participants in group programs will be paired with a peer coach for added support between sessions and the benefit of having an ‘accountabili-buddy’! If you’d like to join the group program by yourself, or with a friend, please contact me for more information and to get on the waiting list! Leionthewater AT gmail DOTcom

Other customized programs are possible! I am available to help you meet your individual goals. Just email me.


All programs are currently offered on a sliding scale. Unfortunately, insurance can not be accepted at this time. Sessions are to be paid for at the beginning of the month, PRIOR to your first session of the month. Payment may be cash, check, or credit card via Paypal. Referral rewards are offered to clients who encourage a friend or relative to sign up for a program. Rewards may be a massage, a gift certificate, a discounted or free session, etc.