Weathering The Storm

In modern times, it has become commonplace to refer to a variety of emotional and physical conditions with the blanket term “stress”.  People will often use the excuse “I’m stressed out” to mean “I am physically ill with panic and anxiety” or “I am so depressed I can hardly function” or simply, “I have over-scheduled myself”.  There are so many common conditions that range from mild to deadly serious that relate to emotion health.  In American society, we have put too much emphasis on productivity, and have connected being overly productive to being successful and even popular. An imbalance is highly likely to occur when we chronically over-work ourselves and do not take the time to reflect and process our emotions.  Because our society in general views mental health problems as abnormal and undesired, people experiencing emotional issues are likely to keep them to themselves, become isolated, and exacerbate the problem.  There are probably many high functioning people with anxiety, depression, PTSD, eating disorders or a similar condition in your life right now.  Maybe you quietly suffer yourself.  

Today I will present some tips on how to “weather the storm” and regain balance if you are suffering from an emotional health issue.  I have found these practices helpful for my own battles with anxiety, depression and PTSD.  I hope they will help you no matter what your situation. Continue reading