I started working with Angie back in late 2011. My initial goals were to just lose weight and not eat out as much. Little did I know that I would get much more from health coaching. Not only have I lost weight and changed my eating, I have gained a better sense of self and have created a healthier lifestyle that I am enjoying much more. I am now meeting with Angie for monthly sessions to help maintain all of my gains and develop new goals as well. Angie has a great ability to meet people where they are at and help them create and implement realistic goals. I am truly grateful for all that she helped me to achieve!

Liz M. – Hinsdale, NH

Going in to my work with Angie, I didn’t have very high expectations for myself, or for our work together. I had never done anything like it before, and had no idea what might happen. I’m pleased to report that our efforts yielded better results than I could have hoped for. The great part about working with Angie is her belief in total-body wellness. Her guidance and advice are not confined to one specific area, but extend to all of the key concerns of her client, anything from diet, nutrition, and exercise to career and personal life. With her gentle but direct coaching and system of setting increasingly ambitious goals, you will over time make gradual but definite changes in your habits and practices, and I’d be willing to bet you’ll be shocked at how far you’ll come by the end. I’m happy to say that, as a direct result of my work with Angie, I’ve gotten over my addiction to soda, established a regular exercise routine for the first time in years, established improved eating and cooking habits, and found new inspiration for my creative endeavors. I’ve had several friends who were unaware that I was working with a health coach compliment me on looking healthy and vitalized. Going forward, I feel so much more equipped to live the kind of health-conscious life that I’ve long wanted to.

Pat H. – Boston, MA




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